I want you to see everything.

If you got eyes, look at me now. XD

Swimming  (at Solaire Resorts and Casino)

Swimming (at Solaire Resorts and Casino)

So I got an Ice Bucket Challenge from @millaisvip. The Ice Bucket Challenge aims to promote awareness of ALS. After dumping the ice, I felt temporary numbness. Same feeling people diagnosed with ALS feel everyday, only theirs weren’t temporary. I dare you guys, @arnarndc, @jjjobelle, and @itdgbi, to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I am giving you guys a week or else you have to donate to ASLA.org. Or you can do both like I did. Goodluck!

Dinner.  (at Solaire Resorts & Casino)

Dinner. (at Solaire Resorts & Casino)

Gwapong hindi mo inakala.